IPLC-HK V2 Circuit Upgrades

We have deployed an upgrade to our IPLC HK V2 circuits to make them more resilient. This required us to change IP addresses; please update your subscription. Old IPs will remain functional for a day or two.


We will be deploying another series of upgrades soon to improve service stability even further.

30th Jul 2023
Preview version of Jamjams software

We're making our own software for Windows and we're inviting you to give it a go. 

Please check it out: Link

26th Jun 2023
OpenAI API access issues resolved

After the latest update to our infrastructure on June 2, some of our customers reported issues with ChatGPT API. Today we have applied a fix in order to address these issues, and OpenAI API is now working.

6th Jun 2023
iOS ChatGPT app access is now unblocked

On June 2 we have deployed an update to our network which unblocks access for iOS ChatGPT app on all servers.

Please see [this page] for more details.


2nd Jun 2023
IPLC-HK V2 plan: US location added

Today we have added a new server group "s52" available to all customers on IPLC-HK V2 Early Access plan. It uses our IPLC circuit to extend service from Mainland China to USA, which allows Youtube Premium and other services requiring U.S. based IP addresses. Simply reload your subscription and you will see s52 added to the list of available ... Read More »

10th May 2023
Further improvements to ChatGPT Unblocking

On May 3 we have deployed an update to our network which further improves access to ChatGPT on all servers, as well as unblocks ChatGPT on SS servers (s1, s2).

Please see [this page] for more details.


3rd May 2023
Early Access: IPLC OpenVPN service in Hong Kong

On April 28 we have released IPLC OpenVPN service in Hong Kong. We have limited availability, and the product is in Early Access - please expect some hiccups every now and then. ChatGPT is unblocked. For ChatGPT to work, please make sure your OpenVPN client app is not overriding DNS servers provided by our side. Most apps do not do that, but ... Read More »

28th Apr 2023
ChatGPT access issues resolved

On April 12 we have deployed an update to our network which allows full access to ChatGPT on v2ray servers.

Please see [this page] for more details.


12th Apr 2023
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